Ph.D. position available

From September 2020, Ph.D. and PostDoc positions in both theory and experiment are available at the Quantum metrology group at Atominstitut, TU Wien and IMT, TU Graz. The team is working towards a new type of atomic clock that uses the nucleus of 229Th as a frequency standard. The solid-state approach promises a more robust and compact implementation of precision measurements.

 The successful candidate will join the team working on the development of the readout scheme for the nuclear clock.

 This multidisciplinary project involves radio-frequency spectroscopy of the 229Th nucleus, DFT calculations, and studies of interactions between the crystal lattice and 229Th nucleus.

  We are looking for candidates interested in either nuclear spectroscopy, quantum chemistry or solid-state physics. 

Please contact:

[email protected] (TU Wien)

[email protected] (TU Graz)