New publication by the LMU team

The LMU team has published a proceedings article that has been presented at the XXXVI Mazurian Lakes Conference on Physics, Piaski, Poland,
September 1–7, 2019.

Given the drastic progress achieved during recent years in our knowledge on the decay and nuclear properties of the thorium isomer 229mTh,
the focus of research on this potential nuclear clock transition will turn
in the near future from the nuclear physics driven ‘search and characterization phase’ towards a laser physics driven ‘consolidation and realization phase’. This prepares the path towards the ultimate goal of the realization of a nuclear frequency standard, the ‘nuclear clock’.

This article briefly summarizes our present knowledge. It focuses on recent achievements and points to the next steps envisaged on the way towards the nuclear clock.

You can download the pdf here:

Read the published article here:

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