Welcome Niyusha Hosseini

In March a new Team member has joined us in Vienna. Niyusha Hosseini originally from Iran, has done her Master’s Degree in Canada and has just moved to Austria to join us.

With great excitement I will be starting my PhD in Thorsten Schumm’s group at the Atominstitut in Vienna in the Thorium Nuclear clock project. With a solid state physics background my main focus will be on finding and measuring the electronic defect states in Thorium-doped Calcium Fluoride.  Using optical excitation and bombardment with gamma and alpha radiation,  we will gather information on  the microscopic structure of the doped crystal.  Information about the defects states and how Thorium behaves in a crystal environment will help us get closer to building a solid state nuclear clock.  

Welcome to our Team, Niyusha!