ThNCl Project Meeting in Berlin

Finally, after 2,5years of this project running we got the chance to meet up live for the first time.

Ekkehard Peik from our PTB Team was so kind to invite us to the wonderful site of PTB in Berlin on the 5th & 6th of May 2022. In total it was 30 of us from all Teams who came together and shared insights of our work and the progress on the project related activites.

We were also happy to have speakers from KU Leuven (Sandro Kraemer, Jannie Moens) who presented their work on behalf of the ISOLDE-IS658 collaboration.

Lars von der Wense presented his work at JILA, Boulder, Colorado: “Towards frequency-comb sprectroscopy of 229m-Th”.

We rounded this meeting up with a nice Dinner on Thursday and lab tours through some PTB labs on Friday afternoon.

It is great to be back to meeting in person again and while online meetings are a great alternative throughout the year it is good to get together and have coffee breaks, discuss things over lunch or dinner. 

The PIs of this project: Marianna Safronova, Peter Thirolf, Thorsten Schumm, Ekkehard Peik